Your Child and Martial Arts

Howdy LKNMAA tribe! Frequently I get questions about martial arts and it’s impact on focus and concentration. I have seen incredible results from children having a structured environment where they can also have fun and accomplish things they never thought possible. We endeavor to provide just such an environment and we want to create¬†opportunities for students to excel and experience that level of success. However, our philosophy on instruction is based on some very simple yet effective techniques for building confidence and improving focus. My wife and I have spent a considerable amount of time researching methods of instruction and how to combine that with a form of discipline that focuses on success. We feel that positive reinforcement and emphasizing (perhaps even over emphasizing) good choices and obedience to rules is a key to getting a child on the path to consistently repeating that behavior. Children naturally want to please and we have found, both personally and professionally, that this approach is hugely successful. We want to partner with the parents of our students in areas of character, focus, and discipline.

If you would like more information on this approach and how we have implemented it I would invite you to click on the link below and pick up this book. It is an easy read, it is very interesting and I am certain that if you implement the simple strategies contained in it you will experience the same success that we have with our students and our own children.

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