Sensei Tim Gromis

Tim Gromis

Sensei Gromis moved to Charlotte in 1994 to take a job as a police officer and began studying Kempo under Master Couch who was a Sergeant with the PD at the time and his direct supervisor. In 1999, he earned his black belt under Master Couch and began teaching classes for him at Lake Norman Martial Arts Academy, and continued teaching for Master Couch and receiving instruction from him until 2007, at which time, he changed jobs within the police department and his schedule no longer allowed time to teach in the evenings.

Recently, after much thought and prayer following many conversations with Master Couch about the school and the future of our form of martial art, Sensei Gromis and his wife decided to purchase the school from him with his blessing. Master Couch will remain the head instructor and plans to teach some at the school and even conduct some seminars for all of our students. For those of you who have not had the opportunity to study directly under Master Couch, you will not want to miss this!

Sensei Joe Torres

Manager/Program Director

Sensei Joe Torres is retired from the NYPD and has over 33 years of martial arts training and holds black belts in numerous styles specializing in Japanese JuJutsu. He taught martial arts for over 14 years and specializes in realistic self defense techniques and applications as well as woman's self defense/anti rape classes.

Soke Chris Couch
Founder- Lake Norman Martial Arts Academy

Soke Couch

Mr. Couch has been teaching karate in the Charlotte area for 28 years, and holds the rank of 9th degree black belt. He has taught karate to thousands of people of all ages during the past 28 years. He is a graduate of the Gardner Webb University and is a sergeant assigned to the International Relations Unit of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department, where he has been employed for 25 years. He is a certified defensive tactics instructor for the Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Department and served on the SWAT Team for 13 years.

Sensei Tamaris Connors

Lead Instructor

Tamaris Connors

Sensei Tamaris Connors is a third degree black belt with nine years of teaching experience in the martial arts.