Women’s Self-Defense Class

This course will be taught by Sergeant Gromis and Joe Torres. Sgt. Gromis is a 22 year veteran of the Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Department. Sergeant Gromis has been involved in martial arts for over 30 years and is the owner of Lake Norman Martial Arts Academy. Sensei Torres is a retired NYPD sexual assault detective with over 30 years of martial arts training and has been an instructor for 14 years. Sergeant Gromis has experience as a defensive tactics trainer, an officer survival instructor and a member of the special weapons and tactics team for the CMPD. These instructors have dedicated their careers to improving the safety of all the communities they served and they both enjoy using their experience to empower women to take control of their personal safety.

You will learn how to:
• Increase your awareness and recognize potentially dangerous situations
• Exploit your attacker’s weaknesses
• Use techniques and strategies that will work for you
• Prevent and Recognize signs of Date Rape and Club drugs
• Develop an “I WILL WIN” attitude
• Instinctively use techniques that will assist in a safe escape
• Evaluate everyday items as self-defense tools
• Use your environment to your advantage
• And more...